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CHANGELOG: Add hystorical releases

For each release, the date it taken from the corresponding
git tag; the one exception is 2.4.0, where the tag was created
months after the commit it points to.

Information about releases is taken from [1] and minimally
edited to work in the new context, along with being fixed when

While every single release from 1.0.0 onwards is now accounted
for, several of them lack detailed information: tracking
existing release notes about them or writing them from scratch
is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Team spectrwm
spectrwm 2.7.2
Released on May 26, 2015
spectrwm 2.7.1
Released on May 24, 2015
spectrwm 2.7.0
Released on May 22, 2015
spectrwm 2.6.2
Released on Jan 27, 2015
spectrwm 2.6.1
Released on Oct 26, 2014
* Fix urgency indicator issue
* Fix stacking issue on (re)start when managing unma
* Fix xscreensaver-command example
* Update Italian man page
* Man page fixes, mostly spacing related
* Reorder LDFLAGS in Linux Makefile to work with --a
* Fix warp_pointer centering
* Add note to man page regarding autorun and LD_PREL
* Honour correctly "disable_border" in max_stack
* Fix focus_urgent
spectrwm 2.6.0
Released on Aug 22, 2014
* Improve English man page.
* Improve Linux Makefile.
* Fix typo s/fallowing/following/
* Fix bug in that causes bar text to flicker every 20s.
* Fix man page to use escape codes for aring å and pi p.
* Fix stacking issue at (re)start when spawn_position = first or prev.
* Convert all booleans to stdbool.h bool.
* Add new quirk IGNOREPID.
* Add new quirk IGNORESPAWNWS.
* Add new option: warp_pointer.
* Add new quirk: WS[n]
* Add new option: urgent_collapse
spectrwm 2.5.1
Released on May 8, 2014
* Improve stacking for windows with multiple transients.
* Add clarification for the 'name' option to man page.
* Add default maximize_toggle binding to man page.
* Set stacking order when setting up a new status bar.
* Fix segfault in fullscreen layout when a window with transient(s) unmap.
* Fix segfault when loading "layout" with non-zero parameters.
spectrwm 2.5.0
Released on Feb 26, 2014
* Add new maximize_toggle action (Default bind: M-e) Toggles maximization of
the focused window.
* Change floating indicator in bar to also show 'm' for maximized state.
* Add color_focus_maximized and color_unfocus_maximized config options. Sets
border colors on maximized windows. Defaults to the value of color_focus and
color_unfocus, respectively.
* Add 'name' configuration option. Set name of workspace at start-of-day.
* Improve support for Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH):
- Add support for NETCURRENT DESKTOP.
- Add support for NETDESKTOP_NAMES.
- Add support for NETNUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS.
- Add support for NETCLIENT_LIST. Windows are sorted according to
- Add support for NETRESTACK_WINDOW.
- Add support for NETWM_DESKTOP client message.
- Improve handling of NETWM_STATE_FULLSCREEN.
- Fix support for NETWM_NAME.
- Change iconify to use NETWM_STATE_HIDDEN instead of SWMICONIC.
* Add new reorder stack action for floating windows. Reorder floating windows
by using swap_next/prev without affecting tiling order.
* Deny NETACTIVE_WINDOW ClientMessages with a source type of 'normal'. Focus
change requests that are not a result of direct user action are ignored.
Requests from applications that use the old EWMH specification such as
wmctrl(1) are still accepted.
* Add new OBEYAPPFOCUSREQ quirk. When an application requests focus on the
window via a NETACTIVE_WINDOW client message (source indication of 1),
comply with the request.
* Fix text rendering issue in search_win.
* Fix floating windows remaining borderless after being fullscreen.
* Fix window border colors when moving windows to hidden workspaces.
* Fix segfault when attempting to set a color on a non-existent screen. Show
error instead of exiting when screen index is invalid.
* Fix configurerequest resize on transients.
* Fix move floater to max_stack.
* Fix focus issues when a window maps/unmaps on an unfocused region.
* Fix stacking issues.
* Fix 'bind[] = ...' not unbinding as expected.
* Fix quirk matching of windows missing WM_CLASS.
* Ignore EnterNotify when entering from an inferior window.
* Disable floating_toggle on fullscreen layout.
* Disable swapwin on fullscreen layout.
* Ignore key press events while moving/resizing.
* Fix LD_PRELOAD error on Linux. Note: On 64-bit Linux systems, if LD_PRELOAD
isn't a relative/absolute pathname to, then attempts to
load a 32-bit version for 32-bit programs. This produces an error message.
The solution is to either build and install a 32-bit or use
an absolute/relative path so that only loads for 64-bit
* Update OSX Makefile.
spectrwm 2.4.0
Released on Nov 15, 2013
spectrwm 2.3.0
Released on Apr 29, 2013
* Added ability to move/resize floating windows beyond region boundaries.
* Added 'soft boundary' behavior to region boundaries. When moving a window
past the region boundary, the window will 'snap' to the region boundary if it
is less than boundary_width distance beyond the edge.
* Added new boundary_width configuration option. Disable the 'soft boundary'
behavior by setting this option to 0.
* Added ability to set tile_gap to negative values. This makes it possible for
tiled windows to overlap. Set to the opposite of border_width to collapse
* Fixed floating window stacking order issue on multiple-region setups.
* Fixed crash on maprequest when WM_CLASS name and/or instance isn't set.
* Fixed positioning issue on flipped layouts with a multi-column/row stack.
* Fixed focus when switching to an inactive workspace with a new window.
* Fixed symlinks in Linux Makefile.
spectrwm 2.2.0
Released on Mar 23, 2013
* Change validation of default 'optional' programs to only occur when the
respective config entry is overridden, not when the binding is overridden.
* Added details to the man page and spectrwm.conf on how to disable/override
the default programs.
* Change key grabbing to only grab ws binds within workspace_limit.
- NOFOCUSONMAP: Don't change focus to the window when it gets mapped on the
- FOCUSONMAP_SINGLE: When the window is mapped, change focus if it is the
only mapped window on the workspace using the quirk entry.
* New ws_next_move and ws_prev_move bindings to send a window to the next/prev
workspace and switch to the workspace.
* Fix fullscreen layout stacking issue when running with multiple regions.
* Fix input focus issue with multiple regions when changing region focus with
the keyboard.
* Fix manual focus mode; pointer motion over an empty region no longer changes
region focus.
* Fix building on OSX.
* Fix expansion of ~ for the keyboard_mapping path.
* Fix segfault that can occur when the XCB server connection is lost.
* Remove path from Linux spectrwm.desktop.
spectrwm 2.1.1
Released on Nov 28, 2012
Quite a few little fixes but they add up.
* avoid a free on an uninitialized variable by setting optval to NULL.
* Fix fparseln flags to remove escape characters in the result.
* Fix issue where rapid window crossing events might get ignored.
* Validate bound spawn programs after conf is loaded.
* Fix move/resize to bail if the window gets destroyed.
* Fix bar clock not getting updated during periods of inactivity.
spectrwm 2.1.0
Released on Oct 30, 2012
* New configuration options:
- tile_gap: adjust spacing between tiled windows.
- region_padding: adjust spacing between tiled windows and the region border.
- bar_border_unfocus[x]: border color of the bar on unfocused regions of
screen x.
- bar_enabled_ws[x]: set the default state for bar_toggle_ws on workspace x.
* New bindings:
- rg_<n> - focus on region n, default is MOD-Keypad_<1-9>
- mvrg_<n> - move window to region n, default is MOD-Shift-Keypad_<1-9>
- bar_toggle_ws - toggle the status bar on current workspace, default is
* New argument variables for program spawn:
- $region_index
- $workspace_index
* Improved bar_action handling to eliminate the need for bar_delay.
* Renamed screen_* bindings to rg_*; config files using the old bindings are
still supported.
* Fixed handling of region focus with empty workspaces.
* Fixed toggle_bar not working on empty workspaces.
* Fixed issue where multiple key actions might be handled simultaneously.
* Fixed focus behavior when iconified windows exist in the ws.
* Fixed windows not being unmapped on single-monitor fullscreen layout.
* Fixed mouse and keyboard binds to work regardless of caps/numlock state.
* Fixed a couple segfaults.
* Fixed a couple memleaks.
* Kill bar_action script oAn an unclean exit.
* Add startup exception mechanism that display error messages in the bar.
* Add config file check that uses startup exceptions to tell user if the file
has issues.
* Add runtime dependency checker that uses startup exceptions to tell user if
something is missing.
spectrwm 2.0.2
Released on Aug 27, 2012
This is an emergency patch release for folks that end up with a blank screen
after starting spectrwm. No need to updated unless you see this issue.
Release notes:
* Fix scan_xrandr to fallback when a scan results in no new regions.
* Add tilde ~ expansion to autorun command in the config.
spectrwm 2.0.1
Released on Aug 26, 2012
* Added support for Xcursor.
* Fixed several fullscreen layout issues.
* Improved focus handling so related windows are raised when appropriate.
* Fixed several focus issues.
* Fixed several issues that could cause segfaults.
* Fixed startup issue where certain windows might not get managed.
* Fixed delay when moving/resizing windows via keyboard.
spectrwm 2.0.0
Released on Aug 22, 2012
* complete rewrite using xcb
* 100% backwards compatible
* way more responsive and snappy
* Tons of warts fixed
* cygwin works again
* xft fonts
And many other things.
spectrwm 1.2.0
Released on Jul 31, 2012
spectrwm 1.1.2
Released on Jul 17, 2012
* Fix issue where a window/icon could not be clicked or otherwise be
manipulated (skype, thunderbird etc).
* Fix an issue where on some Intel graphics cards when exiting the screen
turned garbled and would blink really badly.
* Bonus fix: spawn_position to actually do what it is supposed to do.
spectrwm 1.1.1
Released on Jul 3, 2012
* Add backwards compatibility for the spawn_term binding
* Add clarification to man page that default workspace_limit is 10.
spectrwm 1.1.0
Released on Jul 2, 2012
* Fix status bar flicker by double-buffering the output.
* Add horizontal_flip and vertical_flip layout options.
* Kill references before focusing on a new window.
* Add new options to change focus behavior on window open and close.
* Increase workspace hard limit to 22.
* Tons of wart removals
spectrwm 1.0.0
Released on Feb 17, 2012
* Fixed all clang static analyze bugs/issues
* Remain name and config file compatible with scrotwm
* Fix OSX version again
* Print proper version with M-S-v on linux
* Add flip_layout binding to all keyboard layout examples
* Fix setting of window property strings
* Clear status-bar when iconifying the last window
* Use a red-black tree for key bindings

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