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rewrite hinting code completely

Import new vimprobable JavaScript code.

Make hinting mode now print what has been typed.  It works along the
same lines as '/' and '?' in search mode but it uses '.' and ','

Focus on default input box and unfocus on default input box when ESC is

This also adds i and ESC to switch between input/command mode.
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Marco Peereboom
Marco Peereboom committed Oct 27, 2011
1 parent abee6c7 commit 10b53e44535a94aa649c6c552d976c743900e348
Showing with 581 additions and 381 deletions.
  1. +396 −179 hinting.js
  2. +25 −28 input-focus.js
  3. +160 −174 xxxterm.c
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