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if (DEBUG === true) {
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
$mt = microtime(1);
use Blueprint\Autoloader\Autoloader;
require(LIB_DIR . 'Blueprint/Autoloader/Autoloader.php');
All classes in /lib/ and /app/ will be automatically required
by the autoloader upon instantiation
// Tell the application which namespaces when instantiating classes
use Blueprint\Logging\Logging;
use Blueprint\Container\Container;
use Blueprint\Config\Config;
use Blueprint\Http\Request;
use Blueprint\Database\Database;
use Blueprint\Session\Session;
use Blueprint\Authentication\Authentication;
use Blueprint\User\User;
use Blueprint\Page\Page;
use Blueprint\Utilities\Utilities;
use Blueprint\Caching;
use Blueprint\Router\Router;
// Log all uncaught exceptions
function exceptionHandler($e) {
// Create a blank container to hold all dependencies for the application
class App extends Container {}
$app = new App();
// Start loading the mandatory classes and add to the container
$config = new Config();
$config->loadConfig(CONF_DIR . 'config.php'); // tell it where config file lives.
$app->set('config', $config);
$app->set('request', new Request($_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_FILES, $_SERVER));
$app->set('database', new Database($app->get('config'))); // pass config dependency to the database
$app->set('session', new Session($app->get('config'), $app->get('database')));
$app->set('authentication', new Authentication($app->get('database'), $app->get('session')));
$app->set('user', new User($app->get('database'), $app->get('session')));
$app->set('page', new Page($app->get('config')));
$app->set('page_caching', new Caching\PageCaching($app->get('request'), $app->get('config'), PAGE_CACHE_DIR));
$app->set('fragment_caching', new Caching\FragmentCaching($app->get('config'), FRAGMENT_CACHE_DIR));
$app->set('utilities', new Utilities());
// Pass the router all the core dependencies
$router = new Router($app);
// register the namespaces in /app/ (including regex routes if applicable)
$router->registerRouteMap('Test', APP_DIR . '/Test/_routes.php');
// dispatch to controller
if (DEBUG === true) {
echo '<br />Processed in ' .
round((microtime(1) - $mt), 3) .
' seconds<br />' .
number_format(memory_get_peak_usage() / 1024, 0, ".", ",") .
" Kb's used";