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KSP Instellar Mod for Kerbal Space Program
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KSPInterstellar (experimental)

KSP Instellar Mod for Kerbal Space Program

This version of interstellar is modified and published by me, WaveFunctionP. It is not published by FractalUK, the creator of Interstellar. Do not blame him for broke things with this version, instead contact me here on github or the interstellar forum thread.

For players:

Download the compiled addon here:


For developers:

The repo zip should work out pretty much out of the box. You may need to update the unity and c# library references for the FNPlugin and OpenResourceSystem solutions. And maybe your output paths. All assets for the plugin are included as linked references from the addon folders in the project, so they shouldn't copy. You may want to copy my gitignore to your repo as well.

I have no idea how it will work when pulling from my repo. I had to do a lot of house keeping to get a clean and workable repo with visual studio.

Submit any proposed pull requests against the development branch.

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