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PHP library for the REST API.

NB. This library currently works with the old convertapi API, not the newer (v2) API. As it has been superseded and Baltsoft themselves released a PHP library for the newer API, I have archived this project.

ConvertApi is an online file conversion service for creating PDF and Images from various source files, such as Word documents, web pages and raw HTML. converapi-php provides a set of classes for using the ConvertApi service with PHP.

Development of this library is not in any way connected with Baltsoft Software.


Using the library is simple:

  1. Include the required concrete class ( include('Text2PDF.php'); )
  2. Instantiate the class ( $text2pdf = new ConvertAPI\Text2Pdf(); )
  3. Either:
  4. Carry out the conversion using filesystem path for output ( $text2pdf->convert('/path/to/intput/file.txt', '/path/to/output/file.pdf'); )
  5. Carry out the conversion using function return for output ( $text2pdf->convert('/path/to/intput/file.txt'); )

The conversion will write the converted document to the given filesystem path and return verious details about the conversion (depending on the response from ConvertApi), or return a binary string representation of the document.

See example/example.php for a working example.


The library currently supports all the conversions available via

Addition of new conversions is simply a matter of extending the abstract ConvertAPI class and

a) defining:

  • $_apiUrl - the URL of the ConvertApi endpoint (see for details)
  • $_validInputFormats - an array of document types (extensions) which can be converted

b) completing function __set() to handle additional valid parameters for the conversion being defined.


PHP library for the REST API.




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