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<title>Giving.Code::Give_Code(:programmer, :designer, :sysadmin)</title>
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<meta name="description" content="Giving Code is a new way to give back by doing what you do best: programming.">
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<h1>Give Code</h1>
<h2>I&rsquo;m a programmer, designer, or system administrator.</h2>
<p>I’m a talented individual with some free time and a penchant for helping the world become a better place, one line of code (or .psd file) at a time.</p>
<h2>Show me how to help!</h2>
<div class="steps row">
<div class="step span3">
<h3>Step One: Get Git</h3>
<p>You&rsquo;ll need a free <a href="">GitHub</a> account, and you should be familiar with both <a href="">git</a> and <a href="">GitHub</a>.</p>
<p>Next, find an <a href="">open issue</a> on the <a href=""> repository</a> that interests you.</p>
<div class="step span3">
<h3>Step Two: Plan</h3>
<p>If you need any more details, be sure to post a question in the issue so the scientist, engineer, or charity can clarify. Once you&rsquo;re ready, plan how you&rsquo;re going to help. If somebody else has begun, fork their repo. If not, create a new one. Either way, give everybody a heads up in the issue tracker.</p>
<div class="step span3">
<h3>Step Three: License</h3>
<p>Will you be programming? You should <a href="">pick an open source license</a> if you&rsquo;re the first one starting the solution. Will you be designing? You should <a href="">pick a creative commons license</a> if you&rsquo;re the first one creating the mockup. If somebody else has started, it&rsquo;s best to use the license they chose.</p>
<div class="step span3"</div>
<h3>Step Four: Help Out</h3>
<p>Remember, what you&rsquo;re doing is going to make a difference in the world. It could be used by one person, or by thousands worldwide. Be sure to document your code (or name your layers) so others can give you a hand. Don&rsquo;t feel too attached to your creation&mdash;think of open source like raising a child.</p>
<h2>Tips and Tricks</h2>
<div class="tips row">
<div class="tip span2">
<p>People can request that you license your work under a certain <abbr title="Open Source">OS</abbr> or <abbr title="Creative Commons">CC</abbr> license, but you are under no obligation to do so.</p>
<div class="tip span2">
<p>If there is data to crunch, it is very helpful to get a small set of test data so that you can make sure your software works.</p>
<div class="tip span2">
<p>If you need a crash course on git, <a href="">these videos here are great</a>. If you need help using GitHub, <a href="">their help pages are fantastic</a>.
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<p>&copy; 2012 Giving.Code, <a href="">most rights given</a>. Help <a href="">improve this website</a>. Powered by <a href="">Twitter Bootstrap</a>.</p>
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