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Just Announced - "Learn Spring Security OAuth":
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Login and Registration Example Project with Spring Security

If you're already a student of Learn Spring Security, you can get started diving deeper into registration with Module 2
If you're not yet a student, you can get access to the course here:

Relevant Articles:

Build and Deploy the Project

mvn clean install

This is a Spring Boot project, so you can deploy it by simply using the main class:

Set up MySQL

mysql -u root -p 
> CREATE USER 'tutorialuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'tutorialmy5ql';
> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'tutorialuser'@'localhost';

Set up Email

You need to configure the email by providing your own username and password in You also need to use your own host, you can use Amazon or Google for example. You may also setup an email server locally. See "" for more details.

AuthenticationSuccessHandler configuration for Custom Login Page article

If you want to activate the configuration for the article Custom Login Page for Returning User, then you need to comment the @Component("myAuthenticationSuccessHandler") annotation in the MySimpleUrlAuthenticationSuccessHandler and uncomment the same in MyCustomLoginAuthenticationSuccessHandler.

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