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⚡ lightweight, feature rich open source JavaScript email client.
💅 SOA with clear separation between the frontend and the backend
🍋 easy to install and to configure.
👨‍🏫 well documented APIs makes it easy to extend and adopt functionality.


Quick Start ⏱

Install Node.js and create a new conjoon site:

npx create-conjoon@latest target_folder

Follow the instructions on screen, and refer to the docs for more information on how to use create-conjoon.

Features 🎁

The Frontend is a highly extendable and configurable JavaScript application requiring only a webserver capable of serving static files

The UI is able to manage multiple email accounts at once - no switching between instances required

The Backend is an easy to install Lumen/Laravel application

IMAP / SMTP protocol implementations for all relevant email operations

REST API documentation available as OpenAPI documentation

conjoon is released under the MIT license.


Please see the documentation at

Available backends for Production

For more information on available backends and how to use them with conjoon, see our backend guide.

Staying informed 📰