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Old dog, old tricks

29 Apr 15:09
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Old dog, old tricks Pre-release

A migration and mild updating of Yoshikoder v0.6.4 from Sourceforge.

If you're running on Windows, you'll want to install Java 1.8 first, then use Yoshikoder- See the final paragraph for how to install Java.

If you're running Mac OSX and have Java 1.8 already installed (see final paragraph on how to do that) then download and mount Yoshikoder- and drag the YK icon into your Applications folder. If you don't, try downloading the larger Yoshikoder- instead and then do the same dragging business. This should have all the Java you need inside it. Let me know how it works out for you; it's a bit experimental.

Yoshikoder- is for those people who have Java 1.8 installed and know what to do with a jar file. Double clicking it might work, depending on your system setup. Or you could type java -jar Yoshikoder- in a terminal window to launch.

You can install Java 1.8 from here, clicking the license acceptance button and downloading whichever 'Product / File Description' looks like your computer in the 'Java SE Development Kit 8u51' box.