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Conjure: The Automated Constraint Modelling Tool
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Conjure is an automated modelling tool for Constraint Programming.

This repository contains the development version of the tool. For release versions please see the releases section.


Documentation for Conjure and its input language Essence can be found here.

The documentation also contains information on how to install Conjure and how to contact the developers.


Conjure's source code, issue tracker and releases are hosted on the conjure-cp/conjure Github repository.

You are very welcome to submit issues and pull requests!

A note about imported issues

The conjure-cp/conjure repository is the 3rd home of Conjure's development repository. Feel free to ignore this section if you don't care about it.

We used to use mercurial hosted on BitBucket in the past: and two separate repositories over time! We have imported the issues from the BitBucket repositories in order not to lose them into the conjure-cp/conjure repository.

For reference, the imported issues on the conjure-cp/conjure repository are the following:

  • issues 2-271 correspond to issues 1-270 from bitbucket/conjure-old
  • issues 272-349 correspond to issues 1-78 from bitbucket/conjure-private

We realise this is all a bit untidy, to say the least! We hope not to move the repositories around any more!

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