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Roughly a year after v2.1.0, here is a new release of Conjure!

The changelog is yet to be written, however we can say that there has been several bugfixes, performance improvements and new features in the last year. I promise to write a more detailed changelog soon, but for now you may check this page which lists all changes since the previous release.

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This release contains bug fixes, general improvements, and much more comprehensive documentation!

Here is a list of all changes since the previous release.

Some noteworthy changes are the following.

  • Bug fix: Handling of aliases (letting statements) (#352, #368)
  • Bug fix: Pretty-printing of right-associative operators (#354)
  • Bug fix: Refinement of the powerSet operator (#370)
  • Improvements to the expression parser. It gives slightly better error messages now, although there is still room for improvement.
  • Added a command line argument (--responses). This allows scripting Conjure instead of making modelling choices interactively.
  • Added some more "visualisations" to be used in the solution files.
  • Improved the MSetExplicitWithRepitition to use fewer decision variables.
  • Added some simple implied constraints to do with partition domains.
  • Better refinement of allDiff constraints that contain a list comprehension in them. This was tricky since the number of elements in the list may depend on the values of decision variables.
  • Improved documentation, thanks to @ott2. The Essence section and the Demonstrations section are particularly helpful to newcomers. We aim to improve the documentation further, but this has been a huge improvement.

@ozgurakgun ozgurakgun released this Feb 3, 2017 · 818 commits to master since this release

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We made various versions of Conjure available in the past, but this is the first release of it on GitHub. Yay!

We intend to use GitHub to release future versions too.