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@ozgurakgun ozgurakgun released this Jun 23, 2019

Another summer, another release.

There are a bunch of bug-fixes and performance improvements in this release. Please check this page to see a list of all changes since the previous release.

In this release, for Linux and MacOS, we provide a second zip archive that includes the backend solvers supported by Conjure. These executables are produced by running the make solvers command in the Conjure repository. They are provided for convenience during teaching. For corresponding software licenses please see the solver web pages.

For Windows, please use the Linux binaries with the
Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Download all the executables, put them in a directory in your PATH, and type conjure --help in your terminal!

We also provide Linux binaries that are compiled on an older version of the OS, Ubuntu 16.04. We thank Andrea Balogh for providing these. See file

Alternatively, you can use Docker. It takes a while since it will compile all of the dependencies, but it should work quite reliable. See this directory for the necessary files.

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@ozgurakgun ozgurakgun released this Aug 27, 2018

Roughly a year after v2.1.0, here is a new release of Conjure!

There has been several bugfixes, performance improvements and new features in the last year. Please check this page to see a list of all changes since the previous release.

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@ozgurakgun ozgurakgun released this Aug 24, 2017

This release contains bug fixes, general improvements, and much more comprehensive documentation!

Here is a list of all changes since the previous release.

Some noteworthy changes are the following.

  • Bug fix: Handling of aliases (letting statements) (#352, #368)
  • Bug fix: Pretty-printing of right-associative operators (#354)
  • Bug fix: Refinement of the powerSet operator (#370)
  • Improvements to the expression parser. It gives slightly better error messages now, although there is still room for improvement.
  • Added a command line argument (--responses). This allows scripting Conjure instead of making modelling choices interactively.
  • Added some more "visualisations" to be used in the solution files.
  • Improved the MSetExplicitWithRepitition to use fewer decision variables.
  • Added some simple implied constraints to do with partition domains.
  • Better refinement of allDiff constraints that contain a list comprehension in them. This was tricky since the number of elements in the list may depend on the values of decision variables.
  • Improved documentation, thanks to @ott2. The Essence section and the Demonstrations section are particularly helpful to newcomers. We aim to improve the documentation further, but this has been a huge improvement.
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@ozgurakgun ozgurakgun released this Feb 3, 2017

We made various versions of Conjure available in the past, but this is the first release of it on GitHub. Yay!

We intend to use GitHub to release future versions too.

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