Look into removing or simplifying xsltproc requirement #104

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gbirchmeier commented Sep 10, 2012

All xsltproc does is create a pretty html-ized output for UTs.

It's kind of annoying to install on Windows because of its dependencies.

I think it'd be good if we can either remove it or make it really easy to install.

One possible option: Use Ruby (with or without a gem) to do xsltproc's job. Since tests are mainly going to be run by people hacking on QF/n, and those developers will already have Ruby, I see no big downside to this (aside from increasing our reliance on Ruby).

I just wrote a .Net based drop-in replacement for xsltproc. it has no dependecies, besides .NET framework. I tested it with the unit test runner script.

See http://unclepaul84.blogspot.com/2012/10/net-equivalent-of-xslproc.html for code.


gbirchmeier commented Oct 8, 2012

That's pretty cool. If I were to use this, would I just drop in the compiled exe?


Furthermore, I don't think you would want to assume that it is in the
system PATH in your test script (i would put it in resources and have the
relative path point there), that way installation is much simpler.

2012/10/8 Grant Birchmeier notifications@github.com

That's pretty cool. If I were to use this, would I just drop in the
compiled exe?

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cbusbey commented Jul 7, 2016

  • remove xslt execution calls
  • remove legacy xslt templates
  • remove reference in readme

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Remove xslt #406

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