A set of tests for baseline YAML implementations.
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More precisely, this tests support for characters with code points above
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YAML spec seeks to provide a standardised suite of tests for YAML.


This file provides YAML inputs and expected JSON equivalents for host-language independent aspects of YAML. In particular the aspects tested are:

  • comments
  • document start + end
  • basic ints, floats, booleans, nulls and strings
  • sequences (inline and block)
  • mappings (inline and block)
  • non-recursive anchors and aliases
  • string formatting modes

An implementation passing these tests would likely be suitable for parsing many YAML files that don't use more 'advanced' features such as user-defined tags, recursive structures, etc.


This folder contains language-specific spec.ext files for different platforms.


If you want to add to the specs or add platform-specific specs, don't hesitate to drop a pull request.


WTFPL (http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/)