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Welcome to lev -- Lua for Event-Based IO

lev is everything great about Node, without the "BS" of JS.
kristopher tate, lev founder

Here are some initial reasons to jump on board:

lev is faster than node, python, ruby and many others.

why: lev can easily reach over 10,000 requests per core per machine and scales near-linearly
how: lev allows developers to work with IO streams without the raw data ever touching the VM. A special slab allocator and trash-stack handles memory availability while our cBuffer object integrates nicely with the VM. Multi CPU/Core support is built-in from the start.

lev uses less memory than node, python, ruby and many others.

why: At start-up, lev only allocates around 2MB and after benchmarking HTTP a little over 3MB
how: lev is based on the very compact Lua language. A special Buffer object was also written in C to help quickly allocate and work with streams.

lev makes integrating great C-Libraries a breeze!

why: lev is based on Lua which has a very simple and compact C ABI
how: Use FFI or write a wrapper in C. Porting to lev should be simpler than others such as python, node or ruby.

Join us on IRC at #levdev on freenode.net

Building from git

Grab a copy of the source code:

git clone https://github.com/connectFree/lev.git --recursive

To use the Makefile build system (for embedded systems without python) run:

cd lev
CC=gcc make
make test

To install with the Makefile build system run:

sudo make install

Note: Travis CI uses the Makefile build system. So please make sure that it builds OK with the Makefile build system before sending pull requests.