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Reference implementation and demonstration system for the machine hypermedia interface

Based on the Hypermedia Collection described in the IETF CoRE Interfaces draft version -04

Following the article at

Create a working directory and install the tools with the following:

git clone

cd MachineHypermedia Toolkit

If you want to use virtualenv:

virtualenv --no-site-packages venv/

source venv/bin/activate

python develop


(sudo) python install

Test using these 2 commands. Start a local instance of the server, then run the Resource Constructor self-test, which creates and inspects a set of resources on the server:

python MachineHypermediaToolkit/test/

or to run the server in the background:

nohup python MachineHypermediaToolkit/test/ &

this test client creates a set of resources, reads them back. and exits:

python MachineHypermediaToolkit/model/