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HTML Asset Generator (HAG)

The generator processes instructions to render assets based on templates combined with data.

Supports rendering of HTML to Images using webshot, and creation of text based assets such as JSON, CSS, and HTML using Handlebar templates.

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Key terms

  • Instruction - a JSON block that specifies what to render
  • Asset - a useful item to be generated, such as an image, HTML, text, or JSON file
  • Template - a cookie-cutter layouts that can be fed with data
  • Renderer - the method used to combine the template, with the data, and then save it out as an asset
  • Data - JSON data that can be fed into templates to create an asset

Project structure

  • generator.js - the entry point to run the generator
  • build - the target directory for produced assets
  • templates - a folder of usable templates
  • templates/template-name - an individual template
  • instructions - a folder full of data to be rendered


npm install node-hag -g

Getting started

  1. Run hag --help to view up-to-date Help and Instructions
  2. Run hag init to create an example project in the current working directory
  3. Run hag generate to compiled the instructions and generate assets

If that all worked as expected, take a closer look at the instructions folder, and the resulting build folder to see the generated assets.



  • Checkout the project, run npm install
  • Run npm test




A utility that converts HTML and CSS templates into rendered Image assets, and can also produce Text and JSON assets.






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