Python script allowing for simple creation/mounting of encrypted containers
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Python script allowing for simple creation/mounting of encrypted containers


sudo apt-get install python-subprocess32 cryptsetup

What it does

dm-crypt allows using files as mounted encrypted filesystems, similarly to truecrypt's file containers.

Since VPS providers oftentimes don't have the option of encrypting the disk, cryptify is a simple shell which allows you to easily set up an encrypted folder on your system.

It requires sudo access.

How to use it

First, create an ext4 encrypted container which has 10GB space in the file foldercrypt

./cryptify --size 10000 create

On future reboots, when the container already exists, you can just run:

./cryptify open

At this point you have a foldercrypt.crypt file, which is mounted at the foldercrypt folder.

Then, when done with the folder, simply run

./cryptify close

to safely unmount.

All options

$./cryptify --help
usage: Sets up and runs LUKS containers [-h] [-i CONTAINER] [-o MOUNTPOINT]
                                        [-s SIZE] [-u USER]

positional arguments:
  command               create,open,close

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i CONTAINER, --container CONTAINER
                        The container to hold encrypted data in
  -o MOUNTPOINT, --mountpoint MOUNTPOINT
                        The mountpoint of the container
  -s SIZE, --size SIZE  The size of the container in megabytes
  -u USER, --user USER  The user name to mount as