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What is CyPB?

CyPB is fast and light Protocol Buffers decoder for Python.

  • Lazy Decoding support. Message are decoded on the fly as attributes are accessed for the first time. It is big performance gain (~100x in some cases) if only some parts of message are accessed.

  • Fast. Full decoder is twice faster than Google's new C++ wrapper module in PB 2.4

  • No additional dependencies and libraries. Automatically generated C code compiles to Python module.

Usage and example

Compile your proto file

protoc your_proto_file.proto -o your_proto_file.pb2

Generate C module

python your_proto_file.pb2

Compile C module as Python extension

make compile

Decode messages in Python

from ctest import PBMsg
from pb_types import MSG_Contact

msg = "CiAKBUF0YXNoGghBdGFtdXJhZCINSGV6cmV0a3VsaXlldioUChJhdGFteXJhdEBnbWFpbC5jb20q\nFAoSYXRhbXVyYWRAY29ubmV4LmlvKhQKEmF0YW11cmFkQGdtYWlsLmNvbTIOCgwrOTkzNjc2NDI2\nNDIyDgoMKzk5MzEyMjcwMjAzYh50aGlzIGlzIG5vdGUgZmllbGQgZm9yIGNvbnRhY3Q=\n".decode("base64")

contact = PBMsg(MSG_Contact, msg)

# Display first name and list of phone numbers
for e in
    print " * ", e.display_number

Full Decode Benchmark

For benchmarking, only full decode method is used instead of lazy decoder.

Comparison were done on decoding same message 5000 times. See connexio.proto and for test message and structure.

 * MacBook Pro 2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
 * Python version: 2.6.1
 * GCC 4.2.1

Average running time on 10 runs:
 * Google's Python module (2.3): 0.711271 seconds.
 * Google's C++ implementation for Python (2.4): 0.093410
 * CyPB: 0.041584 seconds.


CyPB is in alpha stage and API is highly likely to change in the future. Below is the list of things to do, patches are welcome.

  • Support all data types: doubles, bytes, etc.
  • Handle unknown fields properly based on wire-type
  • Throw exception if invalid attribute is accessed
  • Merge Lazy and Full decoder into one API.
  • Encoder

About / License

CyPB is developed by gmbh and licensed under new BSD license.