twitter bot that utiilizes the node package to tell if you a specific domain is available or not.
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Welcome to @checkthisdomain!

Checkthisdomain is a twitter bot that tells you whether a specific domain is available or taken. It was mostly written as an excuse for @connor to make a twitter bot, and hack more on the API (if the chrome extensnion and NPM Package weren't enough).

Anyways, it's super simple - send a tweet like this (note that it detects the first string that follows @checkthisdomain with a space):


Go ahead, give it a try!

and it will respond to you whether or not it's taken. Why would you want to use this instead of, the chrome extension, or manually going to a site? I don't know, but it sounded fun to build.


This app utilizes the following:

A few notes...

  • The Twitter API doesn't allow apps to send duplicated tweets. So, if you happen to tweet at @checkthisdomain a specific domain, and try again some time later, the second request won't send a tweet back to you (unless the status of the domain has changed). That's due to Twitter trying to minimize spam bots.

  • If you request a specific domain and it forwards to another domain (i.e. ->, it will process the final domain.

  • This supports up to 10 redirects (re: the note above)