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Play all Rdio songs on mobile.

Well, kind of.

This is a script, based heavily off of the rdio-simple examples (by Ian McKellar and contributions from Michael Jackson), that adds all of your Rdio songs to two playlists: one for synced songs, and one for all of the songs in your collection.

I say kind of, because it's a bit of a hack. It allows you to select a playlist on your Rdio mobile app, then just press 'shuffle'. It will then play all of the songs in your Rdio collection (or just the synced ones)!

How to use it

  1. Clone the repo

  2. Sign up for a developer account at:

  3. Paste in your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in rdio_consumer_credentails_SAMPLE.rb.

  4. Rename rdio_consumer_credentials_SAMPLE.rb to rdio_consumer_credentials.rb.

  5. Open up a terminal, cd into the project directory, and run: ruby script.rb.

  • This will prompt you to go to a URL, and verify the auth by typing in a short number in the terminal. Once that is done, it will continue with the process. Once finished, it will print out 'all done :)'.

To play all of the songs at once, just select whichever playlist you'd like (only synced, or entire collection), select a song, then make sure it's set to shuffle. Then, enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the issues!