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🌁 Open source list of 700+ tech companies that have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area
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Tech Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is an open source list of San Francisco Bay Area. My focus in creating this list is to make a resource for candidates to find tech jobs in the Bay Area. It's something I developed while job hunting, recruiting and building

To make edits or additions please create a Pull Request or email if you're not familiar with Git.

Fields collected

These are the fields I've been collecting on Bay Area companies over the past few years.

  • Company Name: Pretty self explanatory. You can view company profiles by their dashed case name on Employbl via url (Example)

  • Tags: Tags are a way of grouping companies by industry or type of business. These are made up by me and open to interpretation. Example: tech recruitment agencies in the Bay Area

  • Location: The location tag specifies what part of the Bay Area the company is located in. The field currently supports San Francisco, North Bay, South Bay, East Bay and Peninsula. If companies have multiple Bay Area locations I normally try and go with the headquarters location. We do not support multiple locations for companies on Employbl yet.

  • Investors: This tag specifies which investors have backed the company. This is a very incomplete section. I've mostly used this field to find companies that have been backed by Y Combinator.

  • Description: A few sentences or a tagline about what the company does. Oftentimes I will lift this from the description that appears in Google search results. Other times it comes from the company's home or about pages.

  • Website: This is the primary website the company owns. The company website is used in conjunction with the Clearbit Logo API to populate company logos on the Employbl website.

  • Founded Year: The year when the company was founded..

  • Address: Physical address of the company's Bay Area headquarters in format Street, City State, Zip

  • Lat: Latitude is populated via Google Maps API from the address column.

  • Long: Same as above.

  • Company Size: I've begun adding tags to companies with how many employees they have. The size groups are: 1-12, 13-60, 61-150, 151-250, 251-499, 500-999, 1,000+.

  • Tech stack: These are the technologies engineers at the company use and build with on a regular basis. Example: companies that use React.js.

  • Marketing Stack: Tools and technologies the marketing team uses. Example: companies that use Marketo

If you build something cool with this data please share it with me on twitter (@connor11528)

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