CSC 490 Senior Project - Team 1
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Ketch is an iOS mobile app designed to facilitate transactions between two local parties for trading goods and services. It will utilize geolocation to create a local market derived from nearby users and allow them to buy and sell goods in a local marketplace. The program will emphasize security foremost, forcing the users to validate their identity, provide a secure transaction system, user reviews, and a safe meeting space for the actual transaction. The end result will be a more secure, safer way to buy and sell goods with far less fraudulent transactions occurring to the users.


  • Login using Facebook API
  • Show items based upon location
  • Search for individual items
  • Implement Stripe API for secure and easy transactions
  • Secure messaging system to avoid giving out personal information such as phone # or email
  • MySQL database to store user and item data


Sawyer Beaton / Connor Butler / Patrick Carder / Keaton Greason

CSC 490 Spring 2017 - Team 1