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Lorem Ipsum Generator

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Python module for generating placeholder text using the API.

Basic Usage

import loremipsum

# Generate plain text paragraphs with API default settings
no_options = loremipsum.generate()

# Generate 3 medium length paragraphs in plain text
plaintext = loremipsum.generate(3, loremipsum.ParagraphLength.MEDIUM)

# Generate 1 long paragraph with HTML tags
simple_html = loremipsum.generate(1, loremipsum.ParagraphLength.LONG, plaintext=False)

# Generate 1 long paragraph with HTML headers and decorated text
options = ['headers', 'decorate']
decorated_html = loremipsum.generate(1, loremipsum.ParagraphLength.LONG, plaintext=False, html_options=options)

Command Line


This package includes the loremipsum command to generate text from the command line. For details on command line options:

loremipsum --help

Example Usage

Generate 3 short paragraphs with trailing new lines and pipe output to placeholder.txt:

loremipsum 3 --length short --trailing-newlines > placeholder.txt

Generate 4 HTML paragraphs and pipe output to placeholder.html:

loremipsum 4 --html > placeholder.html

Copy to Clipboard

This package includes an additional lorem-copy command to generate text and copy it to the clipboard using pyperclip. For details on command line options:

lorem-copy --help

Note: pyperclip should work out of the box on macOS and Windows, but may need some additional packages on Linux distros. Check their documentation first if you're having difficulty with the lorem-copy command.

For more details, see the documentation.