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Vim Runtime Configuration

My runtime configuration for vim/neovim.

To install, clone the repo into ~/.vim_runtime and run the install script:

git clone ~/.vim_runtime

This will create a backup of your existing .vimrc. See Restore Old Configurations for more details.

If you use neovim, you'll need to run the following script after installing:


The install scripts listed above first check for existing config files and create a backup before overwriting them. A unix timestamp is appended to their name so other backups aren’t overwritten. You can restore these by simply copying the backup to the original file.

Backup Files:

  • ~/.vimrc.bak.<timestamp> for .vimrc
  • ~/.config/nvim/init.vim.bak.<timestamp> for neovim configs

Local configs and plugins can be specificed to customize your local setup. These are not tracked by git, so you can modify things without creating conflicts.

Configurations can be added and overwritten by putting them in ~/.vim_runtime/local_configs.vim.

This setup uses vim-plug to manage plugins. You can add additional plugins in ~/.vim_runtime/local_plug.vim and install by running :PlugInstall.