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[see blockext/nxt] Snap! + Mindstorms NXT
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snap-nxt v1.0

A block module and local server for Snap! to interface with the Mindstorms NXT.


  • A Mindstorms NXT
  • Python 2.6+
  • The nxt-python module for Python.

#Getting Started

  • Load Snap! in your browser window.
  • Import the nxt.xml file.
  • Connect your NXT to your computer via USB cable.
  • In a command line, navigate to the directory where you are storing these files.
  • As a root user, type python
  • The program should print something like Now serving on port 1330.
  • Enjoy!

#NXT stuff If you connect the sensors, connect them in the following configuration:

  • Port 1 - Touch
  • Port 2 - Sound
  • Port 3 - Light
  • Port 4 - Ultrasonic


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