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Go client library for the BlockScore API.


go get


Import the package:

import (

Set your BlockScore API key in an environment variable:

export BLOCKSCORE_API_KEY="your key"

OR you can also set your BlockScore API key in a file:


Note: Make sure to use your test key when running the test suite, otherwise the test suite will make live API requests.


Create a new person:

params := blockscore.PeopleParams{
    NameFirst:          "John",
    NameMiddle:         "P",
    NameLast:           "Denver",
    DocumentType:       "ssn",
    DocumentValue:      "0000",
    BirthDay:           7,
    BirthMonth:         6,
    BirthYear:          1980,
    AddressStreet1:     "1234 Main Street",
    AddressStreet2:     "APT 12",
    AddressCity:        "Palo Alto",
    AddressSubdivision: "California",
    AddressPostalCode:  "94025",
    AddressCountryCode: "US",
    PhoneNumber:        "123-456-78910",
    IPAddress:          "",
    Note:               "Hello, world",

person, err := blockscore.People.Create(&params)

Get a single existing People:

person, err := blockscore.People.Retrieve("DESIRED_PERSON_ID")

Get a list of People:

people, err := blockscore.People.List()

Get a list of X people, offset by Y people:

people, err := blockscore.People.ListN(X, Y)

Question Sets

Create a QuestionSet:

// Get the Person we want a QuestionSet for.
person, err := blockscore.People.Retrieve("DESIRED_PERSON_ID")

questionSet, err := blockscore.QuestionSets.Create(person.Id)

Score a QuestionSet:

params := ScoreParams{
    Answers: []ScoreAnswer{
        ScoreAnswer{QuestionId: 1, AnswerId: 1},
        ScoreAnswer{QuestionId: 2, AnswerId: 1},
        ScoreAnswer{QuestionId: 3, AnswerId: 1},
        ScoreAnswer{QuestionId: 4, AnswerId: 1},
        ScoreAnswer{QuestionId: 5, AnswerId: 1},

questionSet, err := blockscore.QuestionSets.Score("QUESTION_SET_ID", &params)

if err != nil {
    // Error handling for your application.

// Print the QuestionSet's score.
fmt.Printf("Score: %s\n", questionSet.Score())

Retrieve a QuestionSet:

questionSet, err := blockscore.QuestionSets.Retrieve("QUESTION_SET_ID")

Get a list of QuestionSets:

questionSets, err := blockscore.QuestionSets.List()

Get a list of X QuestionSets, offset by Y QuestionSets:

questionSets, err := blockscore.QuestionSets.ListN(X, Y)


Create a new company:

params := blockscore.CompanyParams{
    EntityName:               "BlockScore",
    TaxId:                    "123410000",
    IncorporationState:       "DE",
    IncorporationCountryCode: "US",
    IncorporationType:        "corporation",
    IncorporationDay:         23,
    IncorporationMonth:       8,
    IncorporationYear:        1993,
    Dbas:                     "BitRemit",
    RegistrationNumber:       "123123123",
    Email:                    "",
    Url:                      "",
    PhoneNumber:              "6505555555",
    IPAddress:                "",
    Note:                     "Much wow",
    AddressStreet1:           "12345 Main Street",
    AddressStreet2:           "#12",
    AddressCity:              "Palo Alto",
    AddressSubdivision:       "CA",
    AddressPostalCode:        "94025",
    AddressCountryCode:       "US",

company, err := blockscore.Companies.Create(&params)

Get a single existing Company:

company, err := blockscore.Companies.Retrieve("DESIRED_COMPANY_ID")

Get a list of Companies:

companies, err := blockscore.Companies.List()

Get a list of X companies, offset by Y companies:

companies, err := blockscore.Companies.ListN(X, Y)


Create a Candidate:

params := CandidateParams{
    NameFirst:          "John",
    NameLast:           "Brendekamp",
    Note:               "12341234",
    Ssn:                "0001",
    DateOfBirth:        "1940-08-11",
    AddressStreet1:     "1 Infinite Loop",
    AddressCity:        "Harare",
    AddressCountryCode: "ZW",

candidate, err := blockscore.Candidates.Create(&params)

Retrieve a Candidate:

candidate, err := blockscore.Candidates.Retrieve("DESIRED_CANDIDATE_ID")

Update a Candidate:

params := CandidateParams{
    Passport: "123456789",

candidate, err := blockscore.Candidate.Update("DESIRED_CANDIDATE_ID", &params)

Delete a Candidate:

candidate, err := blockscore.Candidate.Delete("DESIRED_CANDIDATE_ID")

Get a list of Candidates:

candidates, err := blockscore.Candidates.List()

Get a list of X Candidates, offset by Y Candidates:

candidates, err := blockscore.Candidates.ListN(X, Y)

View the Revision History of a Candidate:

candidateHistory, err := blockscore.Candidates.History("CANDIDATE_ID")

View past Watchlist Hits of a Candidate:

candidateHits, err := blockscore.Candidates.Hits("CANDIDATE_ID")


Search a Watchlist:

watchlistParams := WatchlistParams{
    CandidateId: "DESIRED_CANDIDATE_ID",
    MatchType:   "person" // search for individuals only

search, err := blockscore.Watchlists.Search(&watchlistParams)


Go client library for the BlockScore API.




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