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// This script creates a valid push package.
// This script assumes that the website.json file and iconset already exist.
// This script creates a manifest and signature, zips the folder, and returns the push package.
// Use this script as an example to generate a push package dynamically.
$certificate_path = "Cert"; // Change this to the path where your certificate is located
$certificate_password = "Pass"; // Change this to the certificate's import password
// Convenience function that returns an array of raw files needed to construct the package.
function raw_files() {
return array(
// Copies the raw push package files to $package_dir.
function copy_raw_push_package_files($package_dir) {
global $id;
mkdir($package_dir . '/icon.iconset');
foreach (raw_files() as $raw_file) {
copy("pushPackage.raw/$raw_file", "$package_dir/$raw_file");
if($raw_file == "website.json") {
$wjson = file_get_contents("$package_dir/$raw_file");
$ff = fopen("$package_dir/$raw_file", "x");
fwrite($ff, str_replace("{AUTHTOKEN}", "authenticationToken_".$id, $wjson)); // we have to add "authenticationToken_" because it has to be at least 16 for some reason thx apple
// Creates the manifest by calculating the SHA1 hashes for all of the raw files in the package.
function create_manifest($package_dir) {
// Obtain SHA1 hashes of all the files in the push package
$manifest_data = array();
foreach (raw_files() as $raw_file) {
$manifest_data[$raw_file] = sha1(file_get_contents("$package_dir/$raw_file"));
file_put_contents("$package_dir/manifest.json", json_encode((object)$manifest_data));
// Creates a signature of the manifest using the push notification certificate.
function create_signature($package_dir, $cert_path, $cert_password) {
// Load the push notification certificate
$pkcs12 = file_get_contents($cert_path);
$certs = array();
if(!openssl_pkcs12_read($pkcs12, $certs, $cert_password)) {
$signature_path = "$package_dir/signature";
// Sign the manifest.json file with the private key from the certificate
$cert_data = openssl_x509_read($certs['cert']);
$private_key = openssl_pkey_get_private($certs['pkey'], $cert_password);
openssl_pkcs7_sign("$package_dir/manifest.json", $signature_path, $cert_data, $private_key, array(), PKCS7_BINARY | PKCS7_DETACHED);
// Convert the signature from PEM to DER
$signature_pem = file_get_contents($signature_path);
$matches = array();
if (!preg_match('~Content-Disposition:[^\n]+\s*?([A-Za-z0-9+=/\r\n]+)\s*?-----~', $signature_pem, $matches)) {
$signature_der = base64_decode($matches[1]);
file_put_contents($signature_path, $signature_der);
// Zips the directory structure into a push package, and returns the path to the archive.
function package_raw_data($package_dir) {
$zip_path = "$";
// Package files as a zip file
$zip = new ZipArchive();
if (!$zip->open("$", ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE)) {
error_log('Could not create ' . $zip_path);
$raw_files = raw_files();
$raw_files[] = 'manifest.json';
$raw_files[] = 'signature';
foreach ($raw_files as $raw_file) {
$zip->addFile("$package_dir/$raw_file", $raw_file);
return $zip_path;
// Creates the push package, and returns the path to the archive.
function create_push_package() {
global $certificate_path, $certificate_password, $id;
// Create a temporary directory in which to assemble the push package
$package_dir = '/tmp/pushPackage' . time();
if (!mkdir($package_dir)) {
copy_raw_push_package_files($package_dir, $id);
create_signature($package_dir, $certificate_path, $certificate_password);
$package_path = package_raw_data($package_dir);
return $package_path;