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Static website to view Entwine's 3D-tiles output in Cesium
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Entwine/Cesium Pages

What is this?

A set of static pages that allows you to easily view your at-rest Entwine-indexed point cloud data within Cesium. This is accomplished using the 3D Tiles specification for point clouds.

For example, here is a 4.7-billion point tileset of New York City using the contents of this repository:

How do I use it?

Build a tileset

We can build a tileset locally and view it with Cesium. First, pull the latest Entwine Docker image and index some data to create an Entwine Point Tile dataset. We'll need to reproject to EPSG:4978.

docker run -it \
    -v ~/entwine:/entwine \
    connormanning/entwine build \
        -i \
        -o /entwine/red-rocks-ecef \
        -r EPSG:4978

Then, convert this EPT dataset to 3D Tiles.

docker run -it \
    -v ~/entwine:/entwine \
    connormanning/entwine convert \
        -i /entwine/red-rocks-ecef \
        -o /entwine/cesium/red-rocks

Now we'll need to statically serve this data over HTTP.

docker run -it \
    -v ~/entwine/cesium:/var/www \
    -p 8080:8080 \

Now we can view the data here.


This repository consists mostly of a compiled version of Cesium, which is Apache licensed. The rest of the repository will adopt the Apache license as well. See the full license here.

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