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This project builds my personal résumé as HTML and PDF documents from reStructuredText. Download the latest build of my résumé from releases, or see below for instructions on building from source.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of this project setup on your local machine for development and building purposes.

Supported Platforms

  • macOS
  • Linux



  1. Clone the Repository
    $ git clone
  2. Change directories
    $ cd resume
  3. Install dependencies and build résumé documents
    $ make
  4. Should built résumé documents
    $ ls -la dist

Additional Make Targets

  • make - Generate HTML and PDF documents output to $BUILD_DIR
  • make html - Generate HTML document and open HTML for viewing
  • make pdf - Generate both HTML and PDF documents and open PDF for viewing
  • make requirements - Install Python requirements from requirements.txt
  • make clean - Remove all untracked/ignored files (including dist)

Environment Variables

These environment variables are used within the Makefile and the bin/chrome script:

  • BUILD_DIR - Directory for built résumés. Default: dist
  • RESUME_NAME - Filename (without extension) used for built résumés. Default: Connor_McKelvey__Resume
  • RESUME_SRC - Résumé source file (must be reStructuredText). Default: RESUME.rst
  • CHROME_PATH - Path to Chrome executable. Default depends on platform. See Specifying a Chrome Path.

Specifying a Chrome Path

If bin/chrome does not correctly identify the Chrome executable for your platform or if you would like to use Chromium instead, you can override the path to the executable with an environment variable.

CHROME_PATH=</path/to/chrome> make


HTML and PDF résumé documents are automatically built on every commit using CircleCI. Résumé documents from tagged commits (e.g. v1.1.2) are uploaded to this project's Releases page.

Built With

  • Docutils - reStructuredText to HTML conversion
  • Libsaas - Scss preprocessing
  • Make - Dependency installation and résumé generation
  • Chrome - HTML to PDF conversion
  • GHR - Résumé uploading


This project is not a library and is purpose built for my needs, feel free to fork this repository and adapt it for your own. This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.


  • Automated layout testing using Galen Framework
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