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@connormcmonigle connormcmonigle released this 13 Aug 01:15
· 150 commits to main since this release

This release adds an estimated 100 elo in self play. As with the previous release, the majority of this increase in strength originates from an improved network produced by further self play iterations starting with the initial "retrograde learning" bundled with v2.0.0-v2.1.0. Notably, the network was trained on a mixture of self play game result and search score which yielded far superior results in my testing.

ELO   | 107.29 +- 3.52 (95%)
CONF  | 40.0+0.40s Threads=1 Hash=64MB
GAMES | N: 20000 W: 8299 L: 2312 D: 9389

Thanks to all OpenBench contributors for making Seer's continued development possible!