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@connormcmonigle connormcmonigle released this 03 Dec 19:17
· 100 commits to main since this release

This release adds approximately 100 elo in self play. This increase in strength can be attributed to both further refinements to the search function and an improved network in roughly equal measure. As with the previous release, the network was trained solely on data originating from Seer produced by way of several self play iterations starting with the initial "retrograde learning" network bundled with v2.0.0-v2.1.0 as a base. Associated training code can be found at the "seer-training" repository:

Notably, this release adds support for both ponder and Syzygy EGTB probing.

ELO   | 117.96 +- 3.52 (95%)
CONF  | 8.0+0.08s Threads=1 Hash=32MB
GAMES | N: 20000 W: 8576 L: 2035 D: 9389
ELO   | 96.85 +- 3.04 (95%)
CONF  | 40.0+0.40s Threads=1 Hash=64MB
GAMES | N: 20000 W: 6859 L: 1424 D: 11717

As with the previous release, thanks to everyone involved with the OpenBench project for making Seer's continued development feasible. Discussing various search ideas with fellow OpenBench engine authors proved invaluable in further improving Seer's search function.