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Edge-lit Nixie-like display for Arduino!
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#Hardware repository for Lixie edge-lit displays!

This repository contains all of the files necessary to build your own Lixie displays. This includes the EAGLE files for the boards, the .eps layouts for the lasercut parts, and CAD files if you want to design accessories. Documentation is also included.


Bill of Materials


Part Material Quantity
0-9 Digits 1.5mm clear acrylic 1 set
Top Cover 1.5mm black acrylic 1
Top Bracket 5.2mm birch 1
Bottom Bracket 5.2mm birch 1


Part Description Quantity
Lixie PCB The brains of the operation 1
WS2812B Addressable LEDs 20
Capacitor 1000uF / 6.3V 1


Part Description Quantity
M2.5 Bolt 25mm length 4
M2.5 Nut 4

A more detailed bill of materials is located in the "Documentation" folder.


Any advice or pull requests are welcome. :)

License and Credits

Developed by Connor Nishijima (2016)

Released under the GPLv3 license.

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