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Lixie Bases

These are STL files for 3D printing a base for your Lixie II displays! There's one piece per digit, use the left/right caps for the ends.

For example, a 6-digit clock will need:

  • 1 LEFT
  • 4 MIDDLE
  • 1 RIGHT

If you need a 3D print done, the cheapest option I've seen (at least here in the States) is Make sure they are printing with the top-side down to save a lot on not having to print supports. Select Black PLA at 300 micron layer height for the cheapest cost.

However, if you don't yet have a 3D printer...get one! Seriously, get one. I put if off for years thinking parts were brittle or ugly. With a modern printer you can only make a brittle or ugly part intentionally.

I use an Ender 3, and I love it. (Amazon US Link)

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