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Hi; I believe this project is extremely helpful to lower the bar to start working on Electron. For that, thank you!

However, I just downloaded the pack and I am getting multiple errors of js when running the demo app, because of inconsistencies against the 'new' electron syntax. I managed to read the official electron documentation to at least fix the browserWindow error and it kinda loads, but now I'm getting some other errors that I have no idea(so far) how to address.

Does the github code has them corrected? I downloaded my zip file from the main website. Please let me know.

Again, thanks for your great work


I've replaced the top part of main.js to be:

var electron = require('electron')
const {app,BrowserWindow} = electron

(which I found from another Electron tutorial) and am not getting any errors, however I am getting two header bars.

Would love to see this package updated for Electron 1.0, I'm hoping it's not been abandoned.


Photon is "just a stylesheet". You can use it with latest version of Electron without any issues. The template app is outdated, but it only serves as an example (a non-working one in this case).

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