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Perl and AngularJS example (not Perl6 github, come on)
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Perl and AngularJS example

Work in progress

This is an example repo for setting up the BEE email editor plugin ( that uses Perl5 with a Dancer web framework and AngularJS.


  • Request a client_id and client_secret from and add it to environments/bee.yml. Use as the base_url.

  • The BEE plugin is delivered via CDN, so you must authorize your app with beefree via OAuth2. To receieve a token, make a POST request to with the parameters:

    • grant_type => password
    • client_id => $YOUR_CLEINT_ID
    • client_secret => $YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET

    You will receive a JSON structure back as the token. In this example, the request is made on the server side for security reasons.

  • You will load the plugin into your HTML with this src tag:

       <script src=""></script>

    Provide a div with id="bee-plugin-container" for the plugin to live in.

    Both of these elements are wrapped in another div, which initializes the Angular controller:

    <div class="bee-plugin-main-container" ng-controller="BeePluginController" ng-init="initBeePlugin()">
        <script src=""></script>
        <div id="bee-plugin-container"></div>
  • Lanch the web server with plackup:

      $ plackup bin/

Which will bind to:

And that's it! More configuration features can be found on

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