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i-Racer + Wii Nunchuck + Arduino

Simple code to control Arexx Dagu i-racer over Bluetooth using Arduino Nano, HC-05 Bluetooth module and Wii Nunchuck


This code enables you to use the HC-05 Bluetooth Master Mode serial module with an Arduino to communicate with an Arexx Dagu i-Racer Bluetooth RC car and direct it with a Wii Nunchuck.

Lots more details on http://conoroneill.net/using-a-wii-nunchuck-instead-of-cheese-to-control-i-racer-rc-car-raspberry_pi-and-arduino including test code to do the same with a Raspberry Pi and Python.


  • Arexx Dagu i-racer
  • Arduino (I used both Nano and Uno)
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • Wii Nunchuck
  • Wii Nunchuck connection adapter (Optional)


  • On Arduino Nano, connect Nunchuck wires as follows:
    • Red = 5V POWER = Nano Pin 5V
    • White = GND = Nano Pin GND
    • Green = SDA = Nano Analogue Pin A4
    • Yellow = SCL = Nano Analogue Pin A5
  • On Arduino Nano, connect HC-05 pins as follows:
    • Connect Digital Pin 5 of Nano to VCC on HC-05
    • Digital Pin 6 of Nano to TXD on HC-05
    • Connect Digital Pin 7 of Nano to RXD on HC-05
    • Connect Digital Pin 8 of Nano to KEY on HC-05
  • Find out the Bluetooth MAC address of your i-racer using a phone or PC. Edit the code and change the MAC address there.


Just select Nano with ATMega328 in the Arduino IDE and send the code to the Nano.



First version. Works extremely well but tuned specifically for the old Wii Nunchuck I tested with and which seems to have reduced range of motion.