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TikTok RSS Logo

TikTok RSS Using GitHub OCTO Flat Data

NOTE January 2023: This is now working again due to an alternative TikTok library.

  • Generate usable RSS feeds from TikTok using GitHub OCTO Flat Data, GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages.

  • This uses a newer unoffical TikTokPy library to extract information about user videos from TikTok as JSON and generate RSS feeds for each user you are interested in.

  • To get your own instance running

    • Fork this repo
    • Enable GitHub Pages for your new repo
    • Change the ghPagesURL in from "" to your URL
    • Add the TikTok usernames that you like to subscriptions.csv
    • Make sure to enable Actions in the Actions tab
  • It's set to run once per hour and generates one RSS XML file per user in the rss output directory.

  • You then subscribe to each feed in Feedly or another feed reader using a GitHub Pages URL. Those URLs are constructed like so. E.g.:

Logo was created using the TikTok and RSS Font Awesome icons via CC BY 4.0 License

Copyright Conor O'Neill, 2021 (

License Apache 2.0


Use GitHub Flat to generate RSS feeds for TikTok accounts







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