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from __future__ import print_function
import re, struct, binascii
def master_cb(req):
Received something from master,
about to be sent to slave.
Put all manipulations for packet here.
req is the incoming packet as a byte array
starting with the length of packet at offset 0x0
print( '<< ', repr(req))
open('mastermessages.log', 'a+b').write(req + b'AAA')
return req
def slave_cb(res):
Same as above but it's from slave
about to be sent to master
print('>> ', repr(res))
open('slavemessages.log', 'a+b').write(res)
return res
# get a formated hex representation of byte array
def tohex(s):
s= ' '.join([format(ord(x),'x') for x in s])
return re.sub("(.{64})", "\\1\n", s, 0, re.DOTALL)
def example_master_to_slave_pebble_watch_cb(s):
Replace text in pebble messages with
troll messages
for i in [
('open on phone','YOU HAVE BEEN'),
('dismiss', 'HACKED '),
('reply', '!@#$%'),
replacee= i[0]
replacew = i[1]
if replacee in s.lower():
s = s.lower().replace(replacee,replacew)
s = update_spp_packet_length(s)
return s
def update_spp_packet_length(s):
Updates the length part of header in
spp packet. This should be used if
the length changes after manipulation
l = len(s) - 4
s = list(s)
return ''.join([struct.pack('!H', l)] + s[2:])
# Wrapper functions for catching errors
def btproxy_master_cb(req):
req = master_cb(req)
assert req is not None
except Exception as e: print(e)
return req
def btproxy_slave_cb(res):
res = slave_cb(res)
assert res is not None
except Exception as e: print(e)
return res
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