WIP, LSL stream to joypad events
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Translate a LSL stream to keyboard events.

Tested with kubuntu 14.04.

Depends on LSL

  • pip install pylsl --user

And on python-uinput

  • sudo apt-get install libudev-dev
  • pip install python-uinput --user

Make sure uinput module is loaded: sudo modprobe uinput. Run script with sudo for permissions.

Test with OpenViBE

You may use the files in ov_scenarios folder to test the script in combination with OpenViBE. Tested with OpenViBE 1.0.1.

In case you're really into BCI and you'd want to use motor imagery paradigm (who knows ^^), some tunings are mantadory. To link classifier output to LSL output in openvibe: set Designer_AllowUpCastConnection = True in ~/.config/openvibe/openviberc and use a "Matrix Transpose" box in-between.