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This tweak enables all iOS Notification Center bulletins to be sent to bluetooth devices implementing the Message Access Protocol. First implemented in iOS 6, MAP is a protocol that enables bluetooth devices to receive message notifications. This tweak allows devices like the Pebble watch to receive all notifications that would normally appear on an iOS device’s lockscreen.

This tweak functions by eliminating the filter in Apple’s MAP implementation so that all notifications are considered ‘interesting’, not just Message notifications, and thus the name.

Getting Started


  • Xcode 4.6, which includes the iOS 6.1 SDK
  • A jailbroken device running iOS 6 or later


The first step to build the project is to clone the repository and initialize all of its submodules:

git clone git://
cd BTNotificationEnabler
git submodule update --init

To build the project, you need only run



To install this on a jailbroken device, some additional tools are needed.

The first tool is ldid, which is used for fakesigning binaries. Ryan Petrich has a build on his Github mirror:

curl -O
mv ldid theos/bin/

To build a Debian package, dpkg is required. You can install it from Homebrew:

brew install dpkg

To build a package in the project directory, you can run:

make package

and to automatically install this package on your jailbroken device (over SSH), you can run:

make package install


BTNotificationEnabler is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.