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A recipe crawler for the BBC Food website in case it is taken down.

How it works is a script which has functions related to crawling search results on the BBC Food website. contains one function parse(recipe) that parses the BeautifullySoupified recipes and saves them as JSON objects

links.txt currently contains the results of the crawler's efforts at picking out all the vegetarian recipes. These are saved as a tuple of the format (name, url, page_number) to allow me to easily keep track of where the crawler has got up to.

Why the veggie recipes? BBC Food doesn't allow you to do a search with no criteria specified, and the vegetarian checkbox is currently the broadest criterion I could find, covering 4902 of the 11,000 recipes on the site. On a side note, I was quite surprised by the proportion of vegetarian recipes on the site, it's approaching 50%!

recipes.txt currently contains all the recipes listed in links.txt stored in line separated JSON objects with the following specification

recipe = {
  "description": String,
  "metadata": {[Header:String]}
  "image_url": URL         (optional)
  "chef":{                 (optional)
  "show":{                 (optional)
    ["other": [ingredient]]

ingredient = {
  "tags" : [{
    "link": URL

metadata contains things like preparation time, serving size, dietary information. ingredients is split into main and other since some recipes have sections like "For the dressing" or "For the roux" underneath the ingredients header. Each ingredient comprises a description and then a list of tags found in the ingredient line. For example, "3 button mushrooms" would be parsed as

  "description":"3 button mushrooms",
    "name": "mushrooms",
    "link": "/food/mushrooms"

Some of the data is optional, as not all recipes include them.


A recipe crawler for the BBC Food website in case it is taken down.



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