This gem allows for flags to be added to multiple and different models.
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Acts As Flaggable

Allows for flags to be added to multiple and different models.

== Resources

== Install

  • Add the library to your Gemfile with the following line:

gem 'acts_as_flaggable', :git => 'git://'

Note: I'll make this gem available on in the near future.

  • Create a new rails migration and add the following self.up and self.down methods

def self.up create_table :flags, :force => true do |t| t.column :flag, :string, :default => "" t.column :comment, :string, :default => "" t.column :created_at, :datetime, :null => false t.column :flaggable_id, :integer, :default => 0, :null => false t.column :flaggable_type, :string, :limit => 15, :default => "", :null => false t.column :user_id, :integer, :default => 0, :null => false end

add_index :flags, ["user_id"], :name => "fk_flags_user" end

def self.down drop_table :flags end

== Usage

  • Make you ActiveRecord model act as flaggable.

class Model < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_flaggable end

  • Add a flag to a model instance

model = flag = flag.flag = 'Some flag' model.flags.add_flag flag

  • When a flag is added via add_flag, flagged(flag, flag_count) is called on the flaggable model. This allows the model to perform certain operations if the number of flags reaches a certain point. For example, you may want to mark a Post as deleted if a Post receives too many "spam" flags

  • Each flag reference flaggable object

model = Model.find(1) model.flags.get(0).commtable == model

== Credits

Juixe - This plugin is a lightly modified version of Acts As Commentable. As you'll see from the source, it's almost completely a search/replace job with some small modifications

Xelipe - Acts as Commentable was heavily influenced by Acts As Taggable.

== More

Acts as commentable