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Crowdfunding – Installation and setup instructions

Getting Started

Software requirements

  1. requires Rails 3.1.3 or higher

  2. requires Ruby 1.9.2 or higher

  3. requires PostgreSQL 9.0.x or higher

OmniAuth setup

  1. cd /path-to-project

  2. cp config-samples/omniauth.example.rb config/initializers/omniauth.rb

  3. edit the omniauth.rb

PayPal setup

  1. cd /path-to-project

  2. cp config-samples/paypal.example.yml config/paypal.yml

  3. edit the paypal.yml

Mail setup

  1. cd /path-to-project

  2. cp config-samples/setup_mail.rb config/initializers/setup_mail.example.rb

  3. edit the setup_mail.rb

Bitly setup

  1. cd /path-to-project

  2. cp config-samples/bitly.example.rb config/initializers/bitly.rb

  3. edit the bitly.rb

Migrating the database

rake db:migrate

Starting the local server

rails server

Viewing in browser



Bug reports and feature requests can be filed with the rest for the Ruby on Rails project here:


Crowdfunding is released under the MIT license.


© Copyright 2011 Conrad Taylor. All Rights Reserved.