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= MagLev Change Log
== Unreleased Changes
* Removed old workaround for json and trac 616, which has been fixed.
If you were doing: require 'maglev_json'
You must instead do: require 'json'
== Changes for 22635
* Performance improvements for binding, some string operations
* fixes to pass more core/io specs.
* Moved mdb and hat_trick to examples/persistence.
* More Gprof support. Add ability to suspend and resume sampling.
* Added methods to read temp obj size to System
== Changes for 22619
* Added parsedate.rb
* make _equal? , _is_a? , _not , _kind_of ? special selectors
make equal?, is_a? , not, kind_of? public methods in Object .
* Added lib/ruby/1.8/csv.rb which passes all 37 RubySpecs
* Clean up of many examples
* Fix GStore example. Make begin_transaction a module function.
* Added -Mcommit and -Mpersistent command line parameters.
-Mpersistent will start the VM in persistent mode.
-Mcommit start the VM in persistent mode and perform a
Maglev.commit_transaction just before the VM exits.
* rlwrap is turned off by default. Enable with -Mrlwrap.
* RDoc basically works.
== End of file ==
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