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Many thanks to the MagLev Alpha testers who have contributed code and design
ideas, reported and sometimes fixed bugs, and helped in many other ways,
- Avi Bryant, for a lot of inspiration and hard work from day one.
- Markus Roberts, for lots of feedback, bugfixes, and porting irb and zaml
to MagLev.
- Michael Latta, for getting the MySQL driver and some of Rails working
under MagLev, and his valuable feedback and bugfixes while suffering
through earliest Alphas
- Danie Roux and Otto Behrens, for providing rake scripts to manage multiple
MagLev systems on a single computer.
- Ryan Davis for his implementation of ruby_parser2.0.2, which was the
starting point for the parser implemented in the MagRp module.
- Conrad Taylor for updating installation scripts to work in Snow Leopard