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Sitemap xml generator
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Sitemap xml generator in posix shell.


This script crawls a web site from a given starting local URL and generates a Sitemap file in the format that is accepted by Google. It does not follow links to other web sites or parent directory.



 $ [-r|--remote <url>] [-l|--locale <url>] [-p|--priority <number>] [-f|--frequency <string>] [-i|--index <string>] [-d|--docroot <path>] [-A|--accept <list>] [-R|-reject <list>] [-o|--output-file] [-6] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [-vv|--verbose|--debug]


 $ -l https://localhost/foobar/ -r -d /home/html/foobar -p 0.8 -f daily


-r|--remote <url>           Set the remote URL.

-l|--local <url>            Set the local URL (ex. http://localhost/foobar/ )
                            Not with filename (ex. http://localhost/foo/bar.php)

-p|--priority <value>       Set the priority. Valid values range from 0.0 to 1.0.
                            Default is "0.5".

-f|--frequency <value>      Set the frequency. Valid values are:
                            always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
                            Default is "weekly".

-i|--index <filename>       Set the name of index file.
                            The default filename is "index.php".

-d|--docroot <path>         Set dhe "Doc Root".

-A|--accept <list>          Comma-separated list of accepted extensions.
                            Default is all.

-R|--reject <list>          Comma-separated list of rejected extensions.
                            Default is nothing.

-o|--output-file <filename> Set the name of the geneated sitemap file.
                            The default file name is sitemap.xml.

-6                          Set the inet6-only to wget.
                            Connect only to IPv6 addresses.

-ssl|--check-ssl            Check if there are duplicate URLs with http and https.

-vv|--verbose               Print details when crawling with wget.

--debug                     Set bash to debug mode (-x)

-v|--version                Print version.

-h|--help                   Print this help and exit.


Simple copy file in $PATH and

$ chmod +x


This script requires this command: wget, sed, awk, grep, cut and sort. Optional: tee (for verbose mode), id or whoami (for root user check).


THIS IS ONLY A TESTING SCRIPT to generate sitemap in my situation.

It was written quickly, so it has errors and ugliness of course.

It is here because I need a public place to keep it, but if you need a sitemap generator try one of this:


If you have advice and suggestions to give, you are welcome.

I'm sorry for my bad english

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