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Code to simulate and control the painting robot available at
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The goal of this code is to help simplify the testing and sending of commands to the painting robot available at You can use the code to simulate the bot as well as to send motion commands to the bot (using either python or c++).

To download to code to a Mac/Ubuntu, go to a terminal and type: git fetch Note: the code will also work on Windows.

Basic commands

All the commands to control the bot can be found in python/bot/ Here are some of the commands

mybot = Bot()

# basic moving commands
mybot.go_to_xyz([x, y, z]) # tell bot to go to x,y,z (in cm)
mybot.go_to_xy([x, y]) # move to x, y (z = constant)
mybot.go_up() # move to highest z location
mybot.setMaxSpeed(20) # cm/sec

mybot.openDrawSimulation() # opens the drawing simulation (see screenshot below)
mybot.openBotSimulation() # opens the bot simulation (see screenshot below)

# tell the bot simulator where the canvas/paper is located
mybot.setCanvasLocation([20, 5, .5]) # cm upper/left corner is (0,0,0)
mybot.setCanvasDimensions([40, 30]) # cm of canvas in x and y direction

# tell drawing simulator what color pen to use
mybot.setPenRadius(0.8) # cm
mybot.setPenColor([20,20,250]) # b, g, r (dark red)

# tell drawing simulator to start/stop drawing
mybot.simulatePenDown() # start drawing
mybot.simulatePenUp() # stop drawing

# use to access a bot connected to a different computer

Running the demo examples

You can simulate how the bot will work before sending commands to the physical bot. There are two ways to do it. NOTE: must install python3, numpy, and and opencv first.

1. Direct commands to the simulation

At the command line, just run:

cd python/bot

This demo will create a bot object, open the simluation of the bot and it's drawing/painting, and simulate the drawing. The drawing itself is just the contour lines of a sample image.

2. Send commands to a socket server

This is useful if you're writing code in another language than python or want to run the bot on a different computer than the one with your scripts.

First, on the computer where the bot is connected, run this command

cd python/bot

It will open a window that shows a simulation of the bot (so you can see it without having to have a physical bot).

Then, you can send commands to it just like in the simulation. To see a demo, just edit the line in of

use_bot_server = False


use_bot_server = True

save the file and then run

cd python/bot

The script will run the same but now send the commands to the bot server.

Example screenshots of the bot simulator

Simulation of the bot.

Simulated drawing by the bot.

C++ bot client

cpp/bot_client.cpp has a c++ example that can connect to the bot socket server. Note: you must first start the bot socket server (see above) before it will work.

Required Libraries

python3, opencv, numpy

Here is an example of how to install it them on Windows

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