Sample Powershell script test asset for CONS3RT.
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Sample Powershell script test asset for CONS3RT. Create your own Powershell test script to execute a test and provide easily downloadable results.

Runs Windows 10 Powershell v5.1

To use this sample:

  1. Zip up the content of this directory
  2. From the main menu, click Tests
  3. Use these instructions to import the asset zip file.
  4. Add it to a deployment using these instructions.
  5. Skip to step 2 and add this test asset
  6. If you want the test to fail, set testEndState=fail under custom properties, otherwise the test will pass
  7. Launch your deployment, and download the results under the Results tab when complete!

Download Test Results

  1. On the Run page click "Test Results"
  2. Exand the set of test results to download
  3. Click either the zip, which contains the contents of the REPORT_DIRECTORY or click an individual file to download test results
  4. Try clicking the Re-Test button on your run to get a new set of results

Take a look at the test.ps1 script in the scripts directory to see how this works!

Customize for your own use

To customize this asset for your own use edit the test.ps1 script, or add your own custom script to the scripts directory. Then edit this file:

Set the executable property to the file name of the script in the scripts directory that you would like to run.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • You may have multiple scripts in the scripts directory, specify the one you would like executed first.
  • Use a Powershell script as the primary script, but additional scripts can be other types.
  • The scripts are executed on the Windows 10 elastic test tool host.

Asset directories

Use these environment variables to access files in the test asset:

  • MEDIA_DIRECTORY: Path to the media directory in the test asset
  • SCRIPTS_DIRECTORY: Path to the scripts directory in the test asset

Deployment properties

Use the DEPLOYMENT_PROPERTIES_FILE environment variable to access deployment properties such as IP address data, deployment data, user data, and custom properties to feed into your Powershell test script.

Generate Downloadable Test Results

Use these environment variable to generate downloadable test results:

  • REPORT_DIRECTORY: Path to the report directory

Any files placed in these directories will be available to download from the deployment run page.