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EOS block producer profile collection
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EOS Block Producer Profile

The purpose of the repo is to make users know more about EOS block producer info. BP info display example:


How to contribute

  1. Fork the repo to your account
  2. Clone the repo from your own account, rather than the origin one
git clone
  1. Create and switch to a new branch named by your bp account name
  2. Add a new json file to the bp directory, which named by the EOS bp account name, for example:
  1. Fulfill the content by following the schema of $template.json
  2. Add the bp logo and cover to images directory, which named by the EOS bp account name, for example:
  1. Push to your own repo
  2. Make a pull request with detailed description
  3. We will review your PR as soon as possible, and then merge it into the master branch when everything is fine

Images design

  • logo size: 180x180 png
  • cover size: 1125x420 png



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