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Real Simple Bitcoin Payments
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Real Simple Bitcoin Payments is a single webpage that facilitates bitcoin payments, converting a fiat currency amount into a real-time bitcoin amount, creating the QR code, and acknowledging payment on the blockchain. It doesn't contain any server-side code and is very easy to install for your own use.

Parameters can be hard-coded or passed in the URL (optional).

Parameters include:

  • currency - The three-character currency code, i.e. BTC, USD, IDR, ZAR
  • amount - The amount in fiat currency to be converted to BTC
  • address - The Bitcoin address to be paid
  • discount - The discount percentage to be applied to the conversation rate

You can see a running example implementation here:

2 minute demo:



npm install

This will install the linters used by RSBP and run bower install. You can then check the code against the style rules by running npm run-script lint.


bower install

This will install the required client-side libraries in app/bower_components. You can then deploy the app folder according to your web server configuration.

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